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I am Paul McShane, Managing Director of The Web Department. With almost twenty years’ experience in the Web and Digital Marketing Industry I have seen many changes over the years. It’s an industry that is constantly evolving, usually at a very fast rate and often companies who don’t have the resources to keep up just get left behind. That’s why we set up The Web Department.

Our aim is to offer small to medium sized businesses access to the many advantages that come from having an effective website and a strong digital marketing and social media strategy.  In our experience many of the companies of this size simply cannot afford to employ someone full time to manage their website and look after their online and offline marketing. The result being that this aspect of their business gets neglected and they miss out on the huge potential that it offers.

We are a team of people that includes designers, developers and digital marketers whose combined experience can offer our clients a broad range of services, when they need it and within their budget. We like to see ourselves as partners to our clients. For us to do our jobs well we make every effort to understand our client's business, their products and services, the people who work for them, their competitors and the industry they work in.

I look forward to helping you with any enquiry, so please contact us if you think we can help build your business. We offer a free initial consultation and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements in more detail.